Driveways, Patio and Paths

These well-trafficked surfaces easily become stained from mud, dirt, gum, engine oils and spills. Our cleaning expertise will not only restore their appearance, but cleaning your driveways, patios and path will remove these slip-and-fall hazards and improve home safety.

Blueheath Cleaning Services has the skills and know-how to ensure that delicate and ‘difficult’ surfaces such as natural stone and terracotta are restored, without risking damage to these materials. Our specialized equipment also maximizes cleaning on flat surfaces including concrete, pavers, exposed aggregate and asphalt. We carry out;

  • Preliminary assessment and action plan
  • Test small areas to determine that our customer is satisfied with the initial result
  • Arrange any special access required to complete the task and work around the customers needs
  • Employ all required measures to ensure maximum safety
  • Comply with all safety standards during the job to minimize risk
  • Ensure work is completed on time 
  • Remove any leftover rubbish, dirt, silt, sand and hazardous materials
  • Reduce noise levels wherever possible, especially when working in a residential area

These are before and after photos of the pressure washing that we do using the whirlaway rotawash system. Although the spray from a pressure washer can be adjusted, to be effective where there is build up of grime the narrower the jet the more cleaning force there will be. This is not always ideal as the force of the water can damage the surface being cleaned and if there is a large area to be cleaned it is not efficient and is an expensive waste of water, Normally for large areas a high pressure washer with low water volume would be employed which allows the cleaning capabilities of the force of the water but at the same time using it economically. Even then there is a possibility of over spraying and water going everywhere and also it can be difficult to remove all the dirt evenly which can create a striped effect. we use the whirlaway system which is connected to a pressure washer and directs the pressurised water to two nozzles which rotate. These nozzles are contained within a circular housing. You can see in our after photos that the end result is an amazing transformation!

The advantages of the whirlaway system is that the water is sprayed on the surface from close to the ground and because the nozzles are rotating the water is being evenly distributed and therefore cleans more evenly. Any over spray is contained within the housing so no cleaning water is wasted. The whirlaway is used like a hover mower and provides for ease of movement. Because of the ease of use it is calculated that labour costs can be reduced as well as reducing water consumption significantly from a conventionally used pressure washer. The Whirlaway can be used on large flat areas such as warehouses, pavements or car parks etc.

These are the before and after photos of a customers driveway which their car had leaked oil on.  

Oil stains can be quite difficult to remove. “Can you remove these oil stains from my concrete?” Yes, and maybe no. Oil stains are plain and simple tough. It depends on many factors if oil can be removed with basic concrete cleaning. The most important factor is how long the oil has been on the concrete, and was anything put on the stain already.Long term oil stains are almost impossible to remove completely, since they have had time to set in the pores and dry. Long term oil stains can be removed enough to where only a shadow of the oil stain is visible in most cases. Another question is what type of oil is it?  Some oils are capable of being removed easier than others.  And finally, how porous is the concrete? With all these factors going into the removal of an oil stain, it is hard to be able to tell someone that concrete cleaning can remove the oil stain completely.  We always recommend performing a full driveway cleaning when removing an oil stain, instead of just cleaning the oil stain alone.